Wassily Kandinsky (December 16, 1866 – December 13, 1944) Russian-born French painter and theorist, is credited as the pioneer of abstract art. After leaving a successful career in law, Kandinsky studied art, eventually teaching the basic design class for beginners and the course on advanced theory at the Bauhaus School from 1922 until the school was shut down by the Nazis in 1933. His fascination with color symbolism and psychology as well as his Orthodox Christianity informed much of his work.

Lithograph on Arches wove paper, 15” x 11″ Maeght Editeur, Paris,  DLM No. 179 (Kandinsky: Periode parisienne 1934-1944) 1969 

“Derriere Le Miroir” or “Behind The Mirror”, frequently referred to as “DLM”, is a French art periodical founded, edited, and published by Aime Maeght along with his wife Marguerite Maeght. “DLM” was consistently in print from October 1946 to the last issue No. 253 in June 1982.