Our collection of European and British Bestiary and Aviary prints includes works by the following:


Friedrich Johann Justin Bertuch (September 30, 1747 – April 3, 1822) was a German publisher and patron of the arts. 

Abbé Pierre Joseph Bonnaterre (1752-1804) French naturalist and scientist.

Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon (1707-1788) French naturalist, mathematician, cosmologist, and encyclopédiste.

George Edwards (1694-1773) English naturalist, ornithologist, illustrator, and printmaker, often cited as  “ … the father of British ornithology.”

Johannes Laurentius Krafft (1694 –1768) Dutch engraver, poet, author, who wrote in French and Dutch.

Francois-Nicolas Martinet (1760-1799) French engineer, engraver and naturalist.

 Johann Michael Seligman (1720-1762) German artist and engraver known for his ornithological artwork.

Christian Friedrich Leberecht Strack (1784-1852) German theologist, naturalist, pedagogue, and writer.