Johann Sadeler I (1550-1600) Flanders. Born in Brussels, Jan was a draftsman, publisher and prodigious engraver who worked in the Low Countries, Germany and Italy. One of his notable works was a portrait of Martin Luther made in 1580 after a painting by Lucas Cranach the Elder (1472-1553). Circa 1588 he moved to Munich where he became engraver to the court of Duke William V of Bavaria (1548-1626). Part of the Flemish engraving dynasty in the later 16th and 17th centuries (Jan I 1550 Brussels-1600 Brussels or Venice, Aegidius I (c 1555 Brussels-c 1609 Frankfurt and Rafael I (1560/61 Antwerp-1628 or 1632) the style of the family members was very similar, making their work hard to tell apart in the absence of a signature, date or location. At least ten Sadelers worked as engravers, in the Spanish Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Bohemia, and Austria. 

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