George Edwards (1694-1773) English naturalist, ornithologist, illustrator, and printmaker, often cited as  “ … the father of British ornithology”, and a “Top-Drawer Birdman”. He was also a member of the Royal Society and librarian of the Royal College of Physicians.

Edwards is notable for A Natural History of Uncommon Birds, and of Some Other Rare and Undescribed Animals, published in London, 1743-1747-1750-1751Released in four parts, later bound in two volumes, it presented  310 hand-colored etched plates by and after Edwards. It was reprinted by C. Rickaby, London, 1801-1805. He is also known for Gleanings of Natural History, Exhibiting Figures of Quadrupeds, Birds, Insects, Plants, &c. London, 1758-1760-1764, among other illustrated collections.

Edwards and Linnaeus frequently corresponded, and the descriptions from Uncommon Birds were later used by Linnaeus in naming over 300 species in his work, Systema Naturae.

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