Gilles Robert de Vaugondy (1688–1766), also known as Le Sieur or Monsieur Robert, was a leading French cartographer  to Louis XV,  king of France. In 1757, Gilles and his son, Didier Robert De Vaugondy, published the Atlas Universel. To produce the atlas, the Vaugondys integrated older sources with more modern surveyed maps. They verified and corrected the latitude and longitude of many regional maps in the atlas with astronomical observations. The older material was revised with the addition of many new place names. 

Map de la Guienne, 1753 (Watermark), published by Boudet for ‘Atlas Universel.’ Engraver, E. Haussard.  Folio OD approximately 26 9/16″ x 19 7/8″  Part of plate mark has been trimmed away. Plate 20 ¾” x 19 1/2”